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Employment standards:give full scope to the talents, measure the talents then appropriate appointment.

Common values

What we offer to employees is not only a job, but also a career.

We emphasize that any employee is an important member of enterprise team, emphasize the staff's life value is consistent with the company's value orientation. It is good wishes and the common ideal that can maintain the relationship between employees and enterprise.

What we offer to employees is not only a job, but a career. We will make our efforts to pay more attention to give employees more responsibility and power in the business links, so that employees and enterprises will truly become a a common interest.

Allocation mechanism


We follow the principles of fairness and development to allocate the opportunities, wages, bonuses, etc. We implement mode of distribution which combine contribution value and the degree of alternative in positions, try our best to build a fair and transparent evaluation mechanism, create a platform for employees to achieve their self-worthrealize the value of employees and the market value, post value and performance results match.

Growth mechanism

In addition to recruitment, we pay more attention to internal promotion, insist on implementing the successors’ training plan, provide a good development space and promotion opportunities for employees. We will vigorously build a learning organization and staff development platform, promote employees' professional growth through training, job rotation to learn and other ways, so as to enhance the staff's professional value , and make learning opportunities to become the employees’ best welfare that given by enterprise.


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