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Shanghai Tianhan–Mobil Project: Dehumidification System for LNG Ships Cargo Tank-Dehumidifier for No. 1 Cargo tank of No.1LNG Ship left factory successfully

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LNG Ship is lauded as "pearl on the crown" in the shipbuilding industry, and is internationally recognized as "three highs" product with high technology, high difficulty and high value-added. Only a handful of countries around the world have the ability to manufacture it. Building LNG ships is a symbol of Shipbuilding powerful nation. Providing air quality assurance for LNG ship cargo tank construction is also a kind of pride to Shanghai Tianhan air-handling Equipment Co., Ltd.



Shanghai Tianhan Air-handling Equipment co., LTD provides 10 sets of dehumidification system for Mobil-Mitsui LNG ship project, and maintenance of equipment, operation and management. Since the equipments operated, excellent performances are achieved. "The stability of the equipment" and "perfect service" are high appraisals obtained from the customer Tianhan.



There are many difficulties to manufacture LNG ship, and one of the difficulties is in the enclosed structure. Invar is easily scrapped because of the affect of humidity, and the flatness of Insulation wooden cases are also affected by temperature. So a good control of air temperature and humidity for cargo tank is particularly important. Using an advanced and scientific equipment running management system, Tianhan ensured the equipments 24 hours of continuous operation for the whole year. Since dehumidifier equipments began to run, equipments ran stably and reliably, and there is no equipment downtime for more than 1 hour because of equipments failure which ensures the environment condition of cargo tank process.



In 2013, Shanghai had 92 days unusually hot summer in a century. But in the support of the reliable technology and on-site staff efforts, every hidden danger was eliminated. The temperature and humidity were under control ,and the process conditions were guarantee.



Since the dehumidifier equipment operated, not only the chamber temperature and humidity was ensured, but also prominent contribution in energy-saving was made. Based on the combination of independent research and development technology, lean product design and perfect management system, Tianhan dehumidifier showed the remarkable energy-saving effect. Compared with the traditional equipment, energy-saving is more than 70%. Compared with the index in Tianhan bidding contract, energy-saving is 30%. As a result, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding(Group)Co.,Ltd won second prize in 2013 annual advanced energy-saving and emission reduction technology of China state shipbuilding corporation.



LNG ship construction period is long, and the equipments will also ran several years. This is a challenge and also is a glory. Shanghai Tiannan will make persistent efforts to service for the LNG ship building, and contribute to the dream of powerful shipbuilding nation.





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