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The 2013 annual year-end summary meeting of the general assembly and sodality

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 In order to sum up the past, look into the future, and commend good examples to stimulate common improvement,Tianhan all staff held 2013 annual year-end summary meeting and sodality in Shenzhumeiweifang hotel.on January 26, 2014.


At 13:30, meeting was presided over by engineer Liu, general manager office.The speech of general manager Zhao with plain language summed important things happened in the past year, and in the heart of every man is permeated with the dreams of the future with confidence. At the meeting, the company leader commended and rewarded for working performance outstanding employees. The company all stuff also expressed best wishes to the company "continuous success, everything is going smoothly”.



The sodality programs are rich and colorful, and are directed and performed by staff and their family members. Programs included sings, crosstalk, sketches, dances, guitar playing, poetry readings, games, etc. Dance "lotus pond in the moonlight” was graceful, acting as a professional dancer. Sketch "haircut" was funny, laughing the whole. Guitar playing "Drifting” was performed with the solid foundation of basic techniques. and won the praise of everyone. Finally the three programs with high scores obtained “the best elegant demeanor”, “the best creative award” and “the best performance award”, respectively.



Exciting prize draw was everyone expected. The prizes included first class award, second class award, third class award and fourth class award with 21 places nearly half of all the odds, and awards were Samsung laptop, Emmett air purifier ,Gree heater and Panasonic hair dryer, respectively. It was worth mentioning that vice general manager He draw himself in the process of extracting the second prize, and he gave up and gave the chance to other people. The persons that didn’t win the lottery could get one sun shines award "a happy family".



Dinner party was organized in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. A toast together made the best wishes for the coming year.



Look back over the past year, those lovely friends when we gaze into the team, dribs and drabs to mind again. Years were traceless, past things had gradually showed that their power are beyond the time. Because every change will be forever embedded in our memory. In the coming year of the horse, let us together face new opportunities and challenges in this flat which bring us hope and dreams, and get more brilliant achievements!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nan Xu

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the personnel administration division




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