Energy-saving cold air circular food dehydrator


Cold air food dehydrator is a self-developed product by Shanghai Tianhan air-handling equipment Co., Ltd. Independent national invention patents technologies of the company are adopted in the product. Basing on the design philosophy "high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, and health", we supply a set of equipment and the whole cold air drying process for customers. The device operates in the low temperature drying methods (0℃-10℃), and can simulate the winter climate all year round to produce no added and low-salted dried fish, meat, poultry and other types of health food.



Product parameters


Rated power: 2000 w

capacity: 150 kg/time, process period is about three days (it will be adjusted according to different kind of food)

Note: Non-standard type productse can be customized according to customers’ requirements.



Product advantages

Great taste: operates in low temperature 0-10℃ to simulate natural drying, the dry goods have special flavor, the device use scope is wide and the applicability is strong.

Energy-saving:Using unique patents technology, its energy consumption is reduced by over 70% than traditional drying machine, which saves manufacturing cost greatly.

Quality assurance:during drying process, food will not spoil and oxidize, and is dried evenly. The dry foods have good rehydration property, natural nutrition is kept well, and long shelf life. The device can protect the dry foods of color, aroma, taste, individual form and effective components more effectively than any traditional food dehydrator.

Health:all stainless steel production ,safe, reliable, meet the requirements of  health standards.

Nutritions intact: Food is in cold air during whole dry process, fresh visible, no loss of nutrition; Without any preservatives, natural quality of products, exudes the fragrance of nature, to bring consumers a natural, healthy enjoyment. 


Applicable Products

All kinds of aquatic products, meat, poultry, such as eel, yellow croaker, herring, weever, pork, chicken and duck, etc.


Perfect service

Professional maintenance of the equipment:professional technical team provides equipment operation training and regular on-site maintenance.


Unique process training: cold air circular food dehydrate processes are studied continually by developed food technology research group, and different dehydrate process schemes are provided for different kinds of food.


Shanghai Tianhan Air-handling Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech professional company which specializes in researching, designing and manufacturing kinds of testing devices for cooling and heating products, and air-handling equipments. Based in pujiang town, Minhang district of Shanghai.